A Kimberley Collaboration: The Story of the Boab Network

The Book launch will be held on Friday, 21 February 2020, close to the new office of the Borderlands Cooperative, at the Victoria University Community Hub at MetroWest Centre, 138 Nicholson Street, Footscray. The launch will be held at around 6.15 pm, following the Borderlands AGM which begins 5.30 pm.

The Author: Dr Robert Hoskin

This story of a significant Kimberley collaboration was written by Robert Hoskin, who has been relating with the people of Mowanjum for twenty years and recently authored Return to Majaddin, the story of an Aboriginal Elder and his family.

A Kimberley Collaboration describes how a volunteer network engaged with families from Mowanjum, an Aboriginal community in the Kimberley, WA. In 2008, members of the network were invited to help respond to the high number of youth suicides in the community. This resulted in the organisation of holiday programs for children and young people and in extensive community development efforts, raising over $7 million dollars.

The book shares the story of this collaboration in the hope that it might generate ideas for similar initiatives across Australia.